Consignment Inventory Programs


Pinnacle Tool & Supply offers several options to help you control inventory and manage your costs. We strive to accommodate our business partners’ needs, whether through consignment programs, spot buy arrangements, or stocking agreements.

Consignment Inventory Programs

Consignment Programs

Keep stock at your fingertips and still cut down on your inventory costs. Pinnacle can ensure your products are well-stocked at all times at your facility, and you don’t pay until you use them.

Stocking Agreements

Free up the cash you have sitting on your shelf by having Pinnacle stock your inventory locally. We are happy to stock your products so you have them when you need them. A great option for blanket purchasing as well as made-to-order items. No more long lead times!

Managed Inventory

Whether you’re interested in our regular stock monitoring, consignment programs, or vending solutions, Pinnacle offers a wide variety of ways to manage your inventory effectively and efficiently.